alec udellThe Woodlands,TX. Oct. 4, 2014 - Two weeks ago Alec Udell was in Utah for the final weekend of racing in the 2014 Pirelli World Challenge season. Plagued by “gremlins” this year, he and the team were looking forward to the end of season banquet. The tally for the year was 3 top 3’s, 8 top 5’s, 11 times in the top 10. A triumph, all things considered.

Bags packed, transporters loaded, farewell’s and well wishes exchanged for another year, it was time to go back to University, Clemson, in South Carolina where he is majoring in Engineering.

While Alec was winging his way to campus life, Stuart Robinson of Motorsports Development Group was in talks with several Tudor Racing teams exploring opportunities for Alec. The two had been brought together years ago when Alec started karting in Texas, eventually entering and winning the Texas Prokart Challenge Series. Since then Robinson has been his coach and manager and now he saw an opportunity to take another step forward. A seat in the Muehlner Motorsports Porsche 991 was available for the upcoming “Lone Star LeMans” being run at the Circuit of the Americas later that week. After two days of negotiating, and deal was struck and Alec would be piloting a new platform in a different series.

We finally caught up with Alec during a break from his University schedule, to ask how itall went for him.

Did you have enough time to prepare?  You only had two days after Utah and the PWC.

It was a bit tough to go straight from one race to another in my situation at Clemson, however once I was at the track I was able to focus all of my efforts on learning the car and the team. I luckily have had lots of laps at COTA so learning the track wasn't an issue.

Different than a 50 minute sprint, better or worse?

I think better, there's time to make up from a mistake or a bobble, and it’s not always the case that the fastest car wins. You have to be fast and consistent to finish on top.

You had a new platform (a Porsche 991 America) for this race, did you have enough test time in the car prior to the race?

I did not have as much time as I would've liked, we had some issues in the last practice and qualifying session. During the race, I had time to get acclimated in the car and get into the rhythm.

The Porsche and the Mustang are very different cars, how did this affect your drive?

I just went into the experience with open eyes knowing it would take me some time to get up to speed. In the Mustang you have to ‘throw around’ more than the Porsche, so I had to adjust my driving style for this a bit.

Are you looking to move up to a GT platform? What would your choice be?

I would love to move up to the GT category, the Porsche seems like a fantastic place to

alec udell car

So what are your hopes for the 2015 season?

Next season being in Pirelli World Challenge GT3 Cup is a big hope I have, and running a few races in Tudor. That being said, we've had great success with the Mustang the past few years and I would love the opportunity to go for the GTS Championship win.

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